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Soundproof Blanket and Applications of soundproof blanket

Soundproof Blanket

In today’s world, most of us are living in cities. Here we are getting many things better then what we are getting in towns. Ex – Education, Hospitals, Infrastructure, etc. But with all these good things, we are getting one thing free. That is unwanted noise. This is because of various reasons like Trafic, Machinery, Railways etc.
We don’t like to hear unwanted sound all the time , that’s why we invented soundproofing solutions. If you are looking for soundproofing solutions then you will listen about sound dampening blankets or soundproof blankets ( Acoustic blankets ).

What is soundproofing ?

In soundproofing, We are reducing the sound pressure with respect to a specific sound source and receptor. It can reduce unwanted sound wave transmission from a  sound source to a listener by using distance or intervening objects in sound path. Soundproofing works by using material that reduces or absorb sound.

What is soundproof blanket ?

It works as per its name suggests. It’s a large piece of material that is designed to absorb the sound. You can use these blankets on the floor or paste them to ceilings or walls to deaden unwanted sound.

How soundproof blanket works ?

Soundproofing or sound dampening blankets works effectively if used correctly. If a soundproofing blanket will not absorb all sound from entering , it can decrease sound upto 30 to 80%. In this way you will not distract by harsh outside noises and outside people will also not worry about inside operations.
High quality soundproofing blanket made by fiber glass composite.

Applications of soundproof blanket –

We are using it at some places where additional noise affect us. Some examples are given below –

1. Recording Studio –

Sometimes it’s dificult to make one complete parmanent soundproof room due to space issues or budget issues. Then we can use a normal room and paste soundproofing blankets on the walls , ceilings and walls using soundproofing adhesives. This will be our temporary room for music recording or for dubbing. Once our work will complete , we can remove it.

2. Construction sites –

Construction sites doesn’t have any furniture or household objects so every sound bounce back. In this place we can use these blankets.

3. Other places –

Badroom , garages , machinery room , laundry room, warehouse , gym , Study room etc.

Note –
Try to cover most of the gaps because the more gaps you can cover , the less sound will get through.

Things to check while buying soundproof blankets –

1. Fabric –

It’s fabric is breathable type. It’s inner layers are absorbing the noise. These layers are made by materials like mineral wool , fiberglass , reused cotton etc.

2. Design –

You need to choose the design based on your needs for the location that you place them inside.

3. Thickness –

In thicker soundproof blanket more layers are available so it will absorb more noise. That’s why thicker soundproof blankets are ideal.

4. Grommet –

Grommets are used to hang the blanket on walls. If grommets available in soundproof blanket then it’s easy to install. Even you can fix them yourslf. In some blanket, grommets are not available then you need to follow other pasting techniques by using soundproof adhesives.

Soundproofing blankets improves quality of life. It’s specially helpful for musicians , speakers , podcasters and for anyone who is working from home in these fields. It is helpful for some persons who is attending confrance calls regularly.

Hope you like this blog.

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